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Reach Your Restaurant’s Full Branding Potential with Wide-Format Printing

A-frame sign displays menu items outside of a restaurant on the sidewalkSince the pandemic, restaurants in large cities have faced a steep uphill battle. The rise of the remote workforce has led to a decline in the number of would-be customers at downtown restaurants. With buildings less than 50% occupied, the patrons that restaurants counted on during typical meal times are now more challenging to attract than ever. 

Hence, we must get creative to bring customers to your doors and keep them returning. Even before patrons step into a restaurant, there are many opportunities to use wide-format printing applications to provide a welcoming and vibrant environment. 

Wide-format print applications open up many possibilities for restaurants to get creative with branding and decor that makes a big statement. Large-format printing applications can drive foot traffic, increase a restaurant's visibility, and transform the atmosphere. 

Below are some tried-and-true methods to draw attention to your eatery and get customers lining up at your door. 

Creative Wide-Format Print Applications for Restaurants

1. Menu Boards

How many menus have you perused in your lifetime? Chances are that number is well over the hundreds, maybe even thousands. Factor in the menus you have read digitally, and the amount becomes exponential. Although we often think of menus as being at our fingertips, menu boards can be a more cost-effective and versatile solution for displaying your tasty treats. 

Keeping up with the trends of the food and beverage industry has become particularly important recently, with customer preferences constantly changing. Menu boards are beneficial when you need an easy way to change menu items and prices. 

Choosing suitable material for your signage

Investing in the right material and signage type can make all the difference in creating practical and functional signage. Keep the design from taking all the credit - choose wisely to ensure optimal readability and functionality for your audience. Without the proper material, the design might fail to serve its intended purpose, wasting time, effort, and resources. 

Therefore, making a wise decision when selecting materials is essential to ensure the design fulfills its purpose and performs at its best.

Whether you’re highlighting best-sellers, promoting daily specials, or featuring a seasonal favorite, restaurant menu boards make it easy for hungry diners to choose their meal fast. A professionally designed menu board sets you apart from competitors and conveys a lasting impression of quality. 

2. Banners & Posters

Consider how often you have driven or walked by a restaurant that catches your eye because of a bright, appealing sign, and at that moment, you make a mental note to look into it later. Street-level signage is a highly effective way to capture passersby. Even if they don’t stop in immediately, they will likely follow up by looking up your restaurant online. 

Banners and posters are high-impact solutions for restaurant marketing and promotions. They work together to make a big statement and grab attention. Incorporate them into your branding to announce grand openings, showcase special offers, or promote your restaurant at local events. Vibrant banners displayed on your street-facing exterior are easy ways to catch the eye of pedestrians and drivers. 

Vinyl Banners

Among the various options at AlphaGraphics is vinyl banner printing. Vinyl is the most common and versatile material for banners. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it a perfect solution for your restaurant. 

Large-Format Posters

Similar to banners, large-format posters are staple restaurant marketing pieces that offer scalability. You might need a single poster for a special event or private party, or a series of posters for in-store advertisements or decorative wall graphics.

A cohesive set of custom posters featuring your restaurant's branding elements and delicious food imagery can enhance your dining area and reinforce your dining experience. Display eye-catching posters in storefront windows or near high-traffic areas to attract customers and promote limited-time offers. Posters are cost-effective, quickly produced, and easily updated.

Tips for Maximum Impact 

When designing your banner or poster, readability is crucial. Follow these tips for the best results: 

  • Use a clean, easy-to-read font style

  • Keep the text concise with a short, compelling message  

  • Generally, 1 inch of text height equals 10 feet of visibility. So, if your message needs to be legible from 30 feet away, it should be at least 3 inches tall.

Once you’ve designed a beautiful banner, it's time to ensure it will withstand the environment wherever you decide to place it. An essential consideration in the design process is how the final product will be bound and finished and in what environment it will ultimately live. 

Binding and Finishing Options:

  • Black and white or full-color printing on advanced digital equipment

  • Assorted sizes

  • Waterproof, fade-resistant vinyl or durable, heavy-duty cloth

  • Banners customized for indoor or outdoor use

  • Concept-to-completion design and printing services

Hanging and Display Options:

  • Adhesive hangers

  • Metal grommets

  • Velcro

  • Popup and retractable vertical stands

3. Wall and Window Graphics

What will diners notice when they sit down or pick up a to-go order from your restaurant? One of the first things they will do is look around and take in their surroundings, creating an opportune moment to advertise and promote your restaurant. 

With engaging, high-quality wall and window graphics, you can use your space to attract customers and reinforce brand identity to keep them coming back. Coordinated graphics across windows and walls create an attractive yet polished look that draws in patrons and enhances their dining experience by making it more memorable and encouraging loyalty. 

Temporary wall and window graphics can promote an event or sale, while permanent graphics enhance the space's design. Custom wall wraps and murals offer a more permanent option to build your brand from within, while window decals or clings can be easily swapped out and attract attention from outside. Additionally, floor graphics are an eye-catching way to draw focus to certain areas, advertise specific products and services, or welcome customers.

Below are some compelling ideas for transforming the ambiance of your restaurant and making it an unforgettable place to dine.

  • Window Clings: These versatile graphics are perfect for showcasing your daily specials, seasonal menus, or upcoming events. Thanks to static electricity, window clings are easy to apply, rearrange, and remove.  

  • Window Perf Graphics: Perhaps the patrons want to see what’s happening in the kitchen, but your chefs must maintain focus. One-way visibility graphics are a great way to accomplish this type of dynamic. 

  • Frosted Window Graphics: Add a touch of sophistication to your restaurant's windows or doors with semi-transparent frosted graphics. These are ideal for creating a cozy and intimate dining experience for guests.

  • Window Lettering: Display your restaurant’s logo, name, contact information, and hours of operation on any glass surface to inform and invite passersby.

  • Window Shades: Provide shade and privacy for your customers while creating a branded environment with digitally printed window shades. 

  • Murals and Wallpaper: Transform your restaurant with floor-to-ceiling murals and wallpaper. These types of graphics can showcase your restaurant’s culinary journey or create a themed dining area.

  • Indoor Banners: Draw attention to special events, promotions, or featured dishes with indoor banners. 

4. A-Frame Signs

An A-frame sign can significantly boost foot traffic and draw attention to your restaurant. Passersby may otherwise have no idea what the latte of the day is or that happy hour is from 3 to 5 pm. A-frame signage is the hook you need to reel them in. 

One of the most impactful aspects of A-frame signs is that they are right where potential customers walk by. Plus, these are more than likely people who are already in the neighborhood considering a treat or looking for a relaxing place to have a bite to eat. 

High Quality, Local Expertise At Every Step

Your restaurant is special, and with that comes a requirement for unique and localized solutions. 

The options are limitless for creating engaging and memorable dining atmospheres through the skillful use of these wide-format printing applications. An all-over branded space amplifies the customer experience and leaves a lasting impression. Staid, cookie-cutter restaurant designs become a thing of the past when working with AlphaGraphics to reach the maximum potential of your branding. 

If your restaurant needs large-format print products to take your branding to the next level, turn to the local design, printing, and installation experts at AlphaGraphics. 

Start a conversation with an AlphaGraphics team member at your local center.

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